Science Communication

dissemination & outreach

The objective of this Working Group is to ensure the visibility of the Action among researchers, youth advocacy organisations, and policy makers at the national and European levels. This WG will closely co-operate with other WGs and the MC of the Action. It will perform communication activities for broad and targeted audiences by using web and social media tools, and to some extent public events for policy makers, NGOs and youth policy target groups too.

Science Communication meeting Vienna, 2-3 April 2019

Experts from seven countries defined relevant dimensions of science communication and developed a mind map as starting point for further development of the Young-in communication strategy. Representatives of all Young-in working groups, experts from policy and practice, web designers, and young students were involved in the discussion.

2nd Young-in Science Communication meeting

Valletta, Malta, 19-20 September 2019

Science Communication working group discussed how to reach out to other than academic groups and identified what skills are needed for doing this successfully. Expertise among group members is high and will be shared in a training school on Science Communication.  First plans for the training school have been made in Valletta; planning will be continued during the 3rd Science Communication meeting in Vienna in December 2019.

3nd Young-in Science Communication meeting

Vienna, 9-10 December 2019

Science Communication working group continued to develop a design and content
for a training school and made first decisions on title, duration and venue.
The training school on “Communicating Science in a Way you didn’t learn
in Academia” will take place in Madrid, 02-04 September 2020.
In the 2nd Vienna meeting two communication experts shared their experiences
and gave tips on how to relate to different audiences.
Gill Tudor, Chief of Public Information Section, Legal & External Relations Division,
The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)
gave an input on “Public information and how to transform science information to a
language policymakers and public would understand” and engaged the group in a vivid discussion.
Tanja Traxler, Editor of the “Research Special” Journal of the Austrian quality
newspaper “Der Standard”, shared “does and dont’s” in approaching journalists with
research findings, writing press releases and using socialmedia for science communication to a non-academic audience.
During a site visit at the newspaper’spremises she gave insights into the daily work of science journalists.

Dr. Ursula TRUMMER

Center for Health and Migration, Vienna, Austria


Center for Health and Migration, Vienna, Austria